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Pastor Ricky Simmons

Ricky Simmons

Ricky Stephen Simmons is the son of Deacon Wilkinson and Deaconess Janie Knight, and the grandson of the late Reverend Ambrose & Catherine Simmons. He is a native of Sumter, South Carolina and a member of Jehovah Missionary Baptist Church.

Minister Simmons was first ordained a deacon in 1995 and faithfully served in that vocation, even while called to service in other ministries. He later accepted the call to the ministry of Jesus Christ in 1996. He was licensed August 31, 1997 and ordained to preach God's Word August 29, 1999. Minister Simmons is a graduate of the Morris College Ministerial Extension Pragram, a former student of the Community College of Baltimore, Maryland, and he is currently attending the Santee Baptist Seminary Extension from which he has already received the Advanced Diploma in Biblical Studies.

He was called and appointed as the full time Youth Pastor by the Jehovah Missionary Baptist Church and presently serves a growing young congregation of over 200 children and youth and its various ministries including The Blue Print: A New Generation Fellowship and the Jehovah Children's Church.

Pastor Simmons is a member of the Progressive National Baptist Convention, Vice Chairman of the Black Concerned Clergy, a member of First Priority Board of Directors and Campus Coach for Chestnut Oaks Middle School Christian Club, and former Youth Director of the Sumter Baptist Missionary and Educational Association. In addition, Pastor Simmons is a strong activist of home and foreign mission, having traveled to Kenya, South Africa withthe 2003 Mission Team. He also serves as the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Marion H. Newton Family Life Enrichment Center which ministers community outreach.

Pastor Simmons and his wife, Sylestine, who serves faithfully in ministry with her husband, together are the proud parents of four children and four grandchildren.

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